The History Behind Finding Life

Personal experience seeking peace took me on a journey where I accumulated a wealth of knowledge about the power of the words we speak to ourselves and others. In Matthew chapter 25 Jesus gave the parable of the talents where he taught about the importance of using talents and abilities. Finding Life was created as an effort to be a good steward with gifts and abilities developed during my struggle to be encouraged during a season of self-doubt and depression. 

During some “What is life all about” reflection on my 40th birthday, I realized I had lost my way. I was in a dark place, depressed, and disenchanted with life in general. Since high school I’d bounced all around, having no less than twenty addresses across six different state. I was turning 40 with no life mission or vision. At age 19 I was a passenger in a fatal car wreck that should have ended my life. After being jump started back to life with defibrillator pads I felt obligated to do something of value with my second chance at life, but 21 years later I still hadn't figured out how to do it.


A Chuck Swindoll book on encouragement led me to develop a routine of speaking words of life to myself which helped me break free from anxiety and depression. I began to share what I learned with others which proved to be the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done professionally or otherwise. Learning to encourage myself by managing what I allow in my mind helped me fix my focus and led to my discovery that what fulfills me is helping other people stay encouraged.